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Michelle Williams discussed the Destiny's Child mini-reunion during Beyoncé's monolithic performances at Coachella in a set of new interviews with Billboard, Los Angeles Times, Forbes, and elsewhere. The singer told Billboard that Beyoncé called Kelly Rowland and herself about the guest spot. Beyoncé left the choice of material up in the air. "We talk all the time so when she called I


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After making headlines for weekend one at Coachella, Beyoncé still delighted fans with a slightly different set during her weekend 2 performance. As Beyoncé and Solange took the stage during Coachella on Saturday, the duo...
There wasn't a dull moment during Beyoncé's second Coachella set, filled with costume changes, cameo performances, and a cute fall. Wrapping up what some have called "Beychella," Solange joined Bey onstage for a dance-off to "Get Me Bodied," an infectious classic off of Beyoncé's second studio album from 2006 B'Day, when a hug turned into
On Saturday night, Beyoncé will reprise the magisterial, history-mining, Destiny's Child-reuniting dance and song medley that she and a massive marching band performed to stunning effect at Coachella weekend one, but as previously noted, the show will not be livestreamed. For those who missed Bey the first time and/or curious what surprises she has in store for the encore,
On Saturday night, Beyoncé headlined the second night of Coachella by performing an absolutely staggering set. I watched the live feed of the set, when I should've been sleeping, just flabbergasted. If someone were to release that unedited feed as a live-concert film, it would be right up there with Stop Making Sense among the
A complete breakdown of the entire three-day desert escape.
We live in a time where artists are expected to do less, and are celebrated for it: fewer interviews, fewer magazine covers, fewer award shows. Manufacturing an air of mystery around a new singer or rapper is by now an industry standard marketing strategy. Meanwhile, the bigger artists get, the more they seem willing to
Megérte egy évet várni Beyoncé fellépésére: jött, látott és mindenkit leénekelt a porondról. Az r#39;n#39;b díva hatalmas show-t csinált a Coachella fesztivál nyitóhétvégéjén, amely a közönség és a szakma elismerésén felül több rekordot is magáénak tudhat.
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